16-Year-Old Entrepreneur and Environmental Activist, Dylan Capshaw, Becomes Youngest Owner of Retail Business in the U.S. – Stemistry Flower Bar and Coffee Lab Set for Grand Opening Event, Reinventing the Flower Business

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Although making headlines is nothing new for this TIME® magazine, Nickelodeon "Kid of the Year" past finalist, Dylan Capshaw recently announced he had opened Stemistry – a completely reimagined and reinvented flower store. Stemistry offers affordable, pre-made bouquets crafted by professional florists, or allows customers to design their own personalized bouquets using a unique build-your-own bouquet bar – picking out flowers, paying by the stem, then moving to an easy design table where free supplies are available to craft a floral masterpiece. Located in Scottsdale, all are welcome to attend Stemistry’s Grand Opening Event on March 19th, featuring food, live music, goodie bags, free flowers, and local or exotic coffee from Stemistry’s coffee lab. Stemistry is the DBA of Dylan’s already thriving online shop, GardenMisc.

"Stemistry is a flower shop completely evolved for the 21st century," said Dylan. "If you really look at how flowers are grown, collected, and sold in this country, nothing much has changed in nearly a hundred years – even though flower sales are way up during the pandemic. I’m very passionate about locally produced food, drinks, and products too – it’s a theme running through most of my businesses. We use local growers whenever we can and nothing gets in the shop without being personally inspected."

"I’ve also created the physical store to be a fully immersive experience for those who stop by: complete with 3D ceiling panels, a grass wall, rare flowers, and a full coffee bar. I can make all sorts of drinks, including a deconstructed latte or coffee with clouds of cotton candy. And you absolutely have to try our Kopi Luwak brew – we’re one of the only stores in the state that sells it. It’s known as the most expensive coffee in the world and the story behind how they gather the beans is, well, rather unusual and cool – just ask!"

For more information on the Stemistry Flower Bar and Coffee Lab, or digital orders and subscriptions, visit them online. In addition to Stemistry, Dylan continues to maintain his other businesses, including another profitable venture and two nonprofit charitable organizations.

For The Frontline & The Sanitation Stations
Working in partnership with a local shipping company, For The Frontline creates 3D-printed reusable filtered masks and face shields to help healthcare workers fight the pandemic. With open-sourced 3D-printing files, For The Frontline fulfills orders for face masks/shields and delivers them via care packages, while also encouraging others to help using downloadable 3D-printer PPE files. For The Frontline fosters community involvement and bolsters support for at-risk healthcare personnel across the nation. To contribute to the effort, or to download 3D print files, please visit: www.ForTheFrontline.org.

The Sanitation Stations freely places PPE vending machines in businesses to help broaden access to important pandemic gear like wipes, gloves, surgical, and reusable masks. Sanitation Stations gives consumers an inexpensive way to stock up on PPE gear on-the-go, while also encouraging businesses to help supply PPE to local communities by keeping a portion of the monthly vending machine profits. Stations also supply locally made food and drinks. Learn more at: www.TheSanitationStations.org.

The Dylan Capshaw Wildlife Foundation (DCWF)
Established in 2017, DCWF is a non-profit business and sanctuary that has rescued hundreds of animals in crisis, along with assisting wildlife in need across the globe through fundraising efforts. DCWF hosts fundraisers and limited events like Sponsor an Emu, the Australian Fires Fundraiser, local supply runs for animal shelters, VIP sponsoring, and wildlife education. Particularly skilled in caring for exotic animals, DCWF is currently home to rescued animals such as porcupines, prairie dogs, agoutis, birds, kangaroos, and more.

DCWF has been featured in multiple stories by FOX News, and is currently displayed on multiple billboards across Arizona and L.A. To learn more about the organization and its work, please visit: www.DylanCapshawWildlifeFoundation.com.

For more information on Dylan Capshaw, please visit local press coverage: Fox 10 News, Channel 12 News, AZ Family. And follow him on social media: Instagram.

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