ACRELEC and XXII Team Up to Provide Restaurants with Advanced Computer Vision Analytics for Drive-Thru

Restaurant operators will now have access to a platform that combines AI computer vision with timer technology to track the customer journey and alleviate roadblocks in the drive-thru

CHICAGO, Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ACRELEC, a world leader in quick service restaurant (QSR) technology, is partnering with XXII, a major computer vision software publishing company, to provide restaurant brands with superior analytic s­olutions for the next generation drive-thru. The combined platform leverages camera technology as the primary source of detection with end-to-end tracking of customer vehicles entering a brand’s property. The technology provides unmatched insights into operations, streamlining efficiencies and boosting revenue.

Drive-thru is one of the most significant sales drivers for QSR brands, but congested traffic and long wait times threaten the customer experience. Existing sensor-based solutions in the marketplace limit brands—they are stable and robust in a standard drive-thru layout with identifiable detection points but become ineffective in an environment with line-busting tablets, parked cars, and various other blind spots.

The XXII and ACRELEC platform utilizes video streams around the restaurant to monitor customer vehicles’ interactions with a brand. The cameras link to ACRELEC’S QTimer 2.0, an in-store dashboard that provides real-time analysis of drive-thru operations represented on a Drive Lane User Interface. XXII’s AI computer vision technology integrates directly with QTimer 2.0 to provide complete coverage of a brand’s drive-thru operations, from arrival on property and parking behavior to drive-thru tracking and drive-off. The advanced technology of this combined platform will provide restaurant operators with accurate data on their drive-thru performance, enabling them to make insight-based decisions and enhance the customer experience.

“As innovators, we are constantly observing how customers interact with the brands they love and develop new ways for those brands to create more efficient and memorable experiences for their customers,” said Andrew Nosal, ACRELEC Global Product Manager. “As a leader in the AI computer vision space with proven solutions for Smart Cities, XXII’s expertise is uniquely positioned to complement ACRELEC’S drive-thru monitoring and QSR technology. We are confident the partnership between our companies will provide brands with unparalleled insights and accuracy on how their customers interact with their respective brands.”

Due to the expansiveness of this camera-based solution, brands will no longer need to rely on in-ground sensors to monitor drive-thru activity. The technology can completely replace the need for antiquated in-ground loop technology or work in conjunction with them for a hybrid solution creating an even greater degree of accuracy. ACRELEC and XXII’s solution can either integrate with existing security cameras or newly installed cameras to monitor anywhere a vehicle can go on the property, including arrival and departure, parking and pull-forward, full drive-thru, and drive-off coverage. Restaurant owners have complete flexibility in what they want to monitor.­­

“Our intelligent computer vision technology with ACRELEC’S QTimer 2.0 solution takes the guesswork out of drive-thru optimization and ensures a consistent experience for every customer,” said William Eldin, XXII CEO. “Brands that previously could not attain these precise analytics with existing timer solutions can now have them through this new partnership and the flexibility to control the extent to which they want to optimize their operations.”

XXII and ACRELEC aim to continue adding features to the XXIICORE QSR platform. Later next year, the partners are slated to roll out a feature that will automatically sequence vehicles before the pickup points to improve order accuracy and the guest experience even further.

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XXII provides a best-in-class platform for deploying and configuring algorithms at the fingertips for video stream analysis, called XXIICORE QSR for restaurants across the United States and Europe. Specifically developed for the restaurant industry, XXIICORE QSR gathers and presents live data and uses machine learning to simplify the decision-making process for shift managers, reducing cognitive load and allowing them to focus on important tasks. With a proven history of success, XXIICORE PLATFORMS has convinced companies in many sectors and local authorities, whose teams measure the benefits of video analysis assisted by algorithms. The XXIICORE PLATFORMS provide unprecedented levels of flexibility and scalability. 

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