BYOB Bagels Changing Communities: One Bagel Shop at a Time

FAIR LAWN, N.J., July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BYOB BAGELS is a world-renowned consulting company, which helps entrepreneurs build socially impactful independently-owned bagel businesses. BYOB BAGELS is helping to change communities one bagel shop at time by encouraging individual ownership and responsibility.

Beth George of BYOB BAGELS is passionate about teaching with all natural ingredients, while focusing on sustainable profitable business models.  Beth started developing scalable all-natural bagel formulas in 2006 to create products to meet her young son’s dietary needs.  After realizing the powerful impact that carefully focused diets and nutritional programs play in helping children overcome health and behavioral issues, Beth transitioned from practicing juvenile advocacy law to developing foods that benefit not only her son, but also a wider audience. 

After achieving much success with her son, Beth focused on expanding the availability of bagel shops with delicious healthier options.

Since launching BYOB BAGELS in 2013, Beth has worked with more than 50 bagel enterprises in 20 states, 10 countries, and 5 continents. In September 2020, BYOB BAGELS started receiving much attention for its unique un-franchise approach helping entrepreneurs build independent bagel businesses with specially curated all-natural ingredients.  BYOB BAGELS has been featured in the New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC, Food 52, Virgin Atlantic’s Vera Magazine, Commercial Baking, Milk Street Kitchen, and other publications.  Over the past 18 months, BYOB has helped open 21 newly minted "BYOB Bagels inspired" independent shops across the U.S. and 1 in Canada. 

Most of BYOB BAGELS’ clients have transitioned from other professions to being proud owners of highly acclaimed independently-owned bagel shops under their own brands.  The shops infuse their own twist into what Beth has taught, and serve up award-winning, customer-satisfying bagel creations.

For the newest shops, check out. Freedom Bagel Bakery in Meridian Idaho, Bravo Bagel in Audubon, Pennsylvania, and Hidden Bagel Co. in Spokane, Washington.

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