Chai NYC: A Taste of Beijing in the Heart of New York City

NEW YORK, July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Beijing, China, like many other major cities, had its identity shaped by the gathering of many different cultures despite its current global prowess, and its cuisine is no exception. When imagining yourself being a citizen within Beijing during any of its periods, it’s hard to stray from the idea that food has always been a consistent, reliable highlight in everyday life. Chai NYC (柴院) seeks to share this attested and undeniable pleasure to the world, starting with New York City.

Multi-award-winning Chef Anthony Wang brings his finest culinary craft from his native city. Chai NYC’s dishes are a great balance between maintaining their authenticity and catering to the cravings of New York. Classic Beijing selections meets trendy signature cocktails while dining in their immersive space.

A common sighting at any given table at Chai is one ‘Signature Seafood Bisque’ per guest, as locals and loyalists both deem this dish to be a ‘must-have’ with opulent ingredients such as Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Fish Maw, Beef Tendon and Saffron in a Golden Chicken Bisque. When it comes to healthy dishes, options become imperatives when it comes to their Vegan Crispy Spiced Chicken, Vegan Beef with Black Pepper and their addicting Qianlong Cabbage in sesame sauce.

Every cuisine has that one dish that reminds one of their childhood. For the Northern Chinese, that is the Zha Jiang Noodles which has Beijing meat sauce and a fresh vegetable mix assembled for your table-side. Sweet handmade morsels within the Chai’s Treasure Platter include staple Beijing snacks such as Kidney Bean Cakes, Bean Flour Rolls, Aiwowo (Stuffed Sweet Rice Cakes) and sticky rice cake coated in peanut known as “Rolling Donkey.” For the fellow Beijing natives who crave the flavors from home, the Shredded Pork with Beijing Sauce or the Braised Whole Fish in Brown Sauce gives that momentary feeling of hospice with even a picture to send to loved ones back home.

“5,000 years of history and nearly 20% of the world’s population says that Chinese cuisine is not as limited as some might think,” says Chef Wang. “Aside from each province’s cuisine being carefully curated overtime, the best part about Chinese food is its resilience.” Behind Beijing Cuisine’s royal evolution is a delicious, humble beginning. Here in New York City, Chai would like to humbly begin by inviting all patrons to eat, drink, and have a great time.


Media Contact:
Brian Pai