Delaget Announces New Partnership with ZayZoon

SAINT LOUIS PARK, Minn., Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Delaget, a Minnesota-based SaaS (software as a service) company that serves restaurant operators their data analytics through seamless automation, announced today the signing of their newest partnership, ZayZoon.

Founded in 2014, ZayZoon partners and integrates with payroll companies and employers to provide employees a financial wellness platform, with one feature of the platform being access to Wages On-Demand. 

This is important because 69 percent of American workers live paycheck to paycheck, forcing them into difficult situations between banks that earn over $30B in overdraft fees and predatory lenders that charge upwards of 600 percent interest.

ZayZoon’s Wages On-Demand product gives employees control over their paycheck, reduces financial stress and prevents the debt spiral caused by use of predatory products.

The addition of ZayZoon to Delaget’s Easy Street Marketplace allows both organizations to collaborate on new opportunities and provide existing clients the opportunity to integrate seamlessly without setup fees and engineering hours. This partnership comes at an especially unique time as EWA is a highly sought-after benefit that is attracting QSR employees during the hiring crisis.

"ZayZoon is a fantastic partner that we are extremely excited to have onboard," says CEO of Delaget, Jason Tober, "Traditionally our smaller-sized clients were unable to find an earned wage access provider that would work for them, but ZayZoon solves this."

"We’re thrilled to partner with Delaget as we mutually believe in the need to offer EWA and financial wellness to all employees, regardless of the size or industry of their employer. 

"This partnership will help employers with recruitment and retention while providing employees with improved financial security." Darcy Tuer Co-Founder & CEO of ZayZoon.

Delaget’s API Partnerships provide access to data from more than 100,000 restaurant locations with a single API, versus building costly, one-off data integrations. Delaget Marketplaces’ robust partner ecosystem provides restaurant operators with vetted, secure, and seamless integration capabilities for all their operational needs and includes integrations with top service providers in payroll and accounting, HR & employee software, earned wage access, drive-thru and deliveries, POS (Point of Sale), BOH, and more.

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