Former Franchisors Offering Franchise Industry Tips to Independent Restaurant Owners With an ROI Guarantee

NEW YORK, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Franchise Growth Solutions, LLC announced today it had expanded its restaurant advisory services into a newly formed division of the company. Gary Occhiogrosso, founder, and managing partner of Franchise Growth Solutions has teamed up with restaurant operation expert Fred J. Kirvan.

Building Quantifiable Systems
The two have worked together over the past 20 years on other regional and national brands. Some of the more notable concepts; Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille, Magic Cup Cafe, Rooster and Rice, Harlem Shake, Oath Pizza, Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips, Pudgie’s Famous Chicken, Wall Street Deli and Ritter’s Frozen Custard.

Occhiogrosso saw the need to add this division as a result of the numerous startup and emerging franchise brands he works to develop as national brands. He stated, "all too often when I would sit with restaurateurs and I’d discover their operational practices we’re very, shall we say, entrepreneurial. That doesn’t cut it when you’re looking to scale a brand as a chain. Systems, documentation, KPI’s, and overall financial accountability must become the focus."

Less Mystery, More Profit
This new division offers methods that have been proven effective in franchise companies, the service offers restaurateurs the opportunity to learn how to control and reduce their cost of goods, labor, and other "middle of the P&L" expenses that often drain the restaurant owner of profit.

My Lynn Nguyen, Co-Founder, of Magic Cup Café, a three-unit Bubble Tea franchise, stated: "We started working with Franchise Growth Solutions about a year ago. They helped us prepare to franchise the Magic Cup brand. Fred and Gary worked with the team and me to develop systems that increased my profits by almost 10%. These methods not only give us more dollars to the bottom line but will increased profitability for our franchisees."

Mr. Kirvan stated, "We focus on helping restaurant operators struggling with profitability by sharing franchisor best practices. These methods serve to systematize as well as optimize their restaurant operations and profitability."

The company offers an ROI guarantee to underscore how confident they are about helping restaurateurs find opportunities for profit.

Fred Kirvan started in the franchise business in 1991. Working with the founder of Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille. In 2008 he became President of Desert Moon remaining in that role until 2013. Mr. Kirvan was recruited as the Chief Operating Officer for TRUFOODS, LLC. A multi-brand franchisor. Additionally, he was VP of Operations for Energy Kitchen, an NYC based fast-casual chain that pioneered the "healthy alternative" space.

Gary Occhiogrosso is the Founder of Franchise Growth Solutions, a co-operative based franchise development and sales firm. Their "Coach, Mentor & Grow Program" focuses on helping Franchisors with their franchise development, strategic planning, advertising, selling franchises and guiding franchisors in raising growth capital.

Gary started his career in franchising as a franchisee of Dunkin Donuts before launching the Ranch *1 Franchise program.  He is the former President of TRUFOODS, LLC a multi brand franchisor and former COO of Desert Moon Fresh Mexican Grille.

Gary was selected as "Top 25 Fast Casual Restaurant Executive in the USA" by Fast Casual Magazine as well as 100 Top Franchise Influencers.

In addition, Gary is an adjunct associate professor at New York University on the topic of Restaurant Concept. He has published numerous articles on the topics of Franchising, Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing.

He was the host of the "Small Business & Franchise Show" and currently the host of the podcast "MasterMind Minutes." Gary is also the publisher of

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