Introducing A New Level of Control for Professional Kitchens That Harness the Power of Technology to Knife Sharpening.

MIAMI, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For decades, managers of professional kitchens have relied on old-fashioned knife sharpening services to keep these important tools in peak condition, wasting both time and money. "Now, Mundial SmartKnives™ apply the power of technology to modernize this process," said Michael Ceitlin, Chairman & CEO of Mundial ( "Our company has completely rethought this important kitchen expense, converting it from a product to a service and applying advanced technology to provide kitchen managers with greater cost controls."

Here’s How It Works:

Mundial SmartKnives™ is a service that provides food industry professionals with a set of six or more high-quality knives made of German steel, along with an easy-to-use automated knife sharpener. Through advanced technology the machine recognizes each individual knife and, in less than a minute, precisely sharpens it according to proper specifications. The technology tracks knife consumption and provides members with a full report for each individual knife. When the knife reaches the end of its life cycle, it is automatically replenished, at no cost. Members pay a small monthly fee to lease the sharpener and $0.50 per-inch each time the knife is sharpened. Watch Mundial SmartKnives™ in action at our YouTube channel:

Benefits of the SmartKnives Program Include:

Convenience/Productivity: It’s a fact: kitchen workers are always busy. These days, with many restaurants short-staffed, the problem has gotten worse and dull knives slow down the line. Sending knives out to a service means you’re relying on that company’s time frames and urgency. When the sharpener is in house, it takes just seconds to ensure these tools are working at their best and keeping your staff on schedule with their prep work.

Cost Control: The costs associated with purchasing and sharpening knives often go unnoticed. but add up quickly. Like it or not, having perfectly sharp knives is reflected in the kitchen’s bottom line. Sharp knives not only increase the speed of work, but they also decrease food waste and improve presentation. 

Safety: A dull blade can result in injuries, as excessive pressure increases the possibility of a blade slip. It is well known by kitchen professionals everywhere that sharp knives more readily dig in and easily complete the job at hand.

Tracking: Our sophisticated tracking system not only assists your business by providing a complete report detailing knife-related costs and replenishing knives when needed, but it also allows you to track usage. This means you have full control over your knife inventory, zero downtime, and increased efficiency and productivity throughout the line.

About Mundial, Inc.

The Mundial brand was created in 1931 when a team of German designers and engineers established the sophisticated manufacturing process that today maintains the quality of Mundial knives. The company has since relocated to Brazil, maintaining their allegiance to quality. Mundial Inc. is currently among the leading North American brands of cutlery and kitchen accessories sold to the restaurant and institutional markets. Mundial combines Old World craftsmanship with modern technology to produce a broad selection of products unmatched in the world for strength, durability, beauty, comfort, and value.

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