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MIAMI, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Toxic chemicals are commonplace in the world of food and beverage.

The widespread use of PFAS-based packaging, aka “forever chemicals,” means people are unknowingly ingesting dangerous chemicals, harming the environment, and perpetuating the system that enables their use.

PFAS are linked to a variety of adverse health outcomes, including reproductive harm, cancer, liver damage, and other ailments.

That’s why SOFi is excited to introduce its latest product for food and beverage businesses: The SOFi Cup Carrier.

This 100% compostable cup carrier is made from spunlace cotton — the same material as flushable wipes — and biodegrades in less than 180 days in a landfill or marine environment.

When customers use the SOFi Cup Carrier, they simply place a beverage in its center and pull up its opposite edges, offering a hands-free carrying experience. Multiple drinks? Grab a few more carriers and tote them like shopping bags.

The SOFi Cup Carrier also offers business owners a space-economical alternative: They come in packs of 100 and sit on the counter like a pack of napkins. Bulky pulp or cardboard carriers take up significant space in small cafes or restaurants and often require customers to use two hands.

SOFi’s lightweight, durable cup carriers can hold beverages large and small, and their eco-chic design will prompt Instagram posts and conversations wherever they’re used.

The SOFi Cup Carrier is also customizable, allowing businesses to design cup carriers to create a seamless brand experience.

For a product that’s used for such a short period, traditional cup carriers carry a significant environmental impact.

Those dull, brown cup carriers that are common in fast food are made from PFAS-based molded pulp, which takes years to biodegrade. When they eventually break down, PFAS chemicals seep into soil and waterways, contaminating water and wildlife.

And when consumed, PFAS can stay in fish, wildlife, and people’s bodies for years. For example, one study found that fish in the Great Lakes region routinely contain PFAS chemicals in their tissue, which ultimately land on dinner tables. Another found that PFAS chemicals tend to concentrate in human lungs.

The SOFi Cup Carrier joins a lineup of other compostable products, including the SOFi Cold Cup and SOFi Straws.

SOFi is thrilled to release this product and to live its mission of creating a more environmentally-friendly world.

Join SOFi in building the future of drinking responsibly.

Check out our SOFi Cup Carriers here.

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