Italian Vodka made from Altamura Wheat Awarded Silver Medal at SIP Awards

OSTUNI BR, Italy, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altamura Distilleries, a new company making spirits from the famous Altamura Wheat, was awarded a Silver Medal for its vodka at the SIP Awards, an annual spirits tasting competition based in the United States.

"Using the famous Altamura wheat, we wanted the vodka to have character from the wheat, so we distilled it just three times, rather than six or more times that drives any flavor out and has become common with many brands in recent years," said Steven Acuña, Chief Operating Officer of Altamura Distilleries. "The result is a vodka with a hint of sweetness from the wheat and a bit of a juicy mouthfeel."

"We are thrilled to have received this Silver Medal from the SIP Awards. While we are only selling the Vodka in Italy now, it’s good to know that consumers in the U.S. also enjoy a more expressive vodka flavor," Mr. Acuña continued.

"We hope to have two varieties of gin to bring to the competition next year. A classic London Dry gin, and one with unique local botanicals that will give it a flavor profile that plays harmoniously with Campari and vermouth to make a perfect Negroni," commented Carlos Calix, the company’s Head Distiller.

About Altamura Distilleries
Based in Ostuni BR, Italy, Altamura Distilleries is what can happen when three Americans decide to act on their lifelong dream of moving to Italy, it’s amazing what can happen. Our love of warm weather, beaches, and life led us to Puglia, a special region in the south of Italy. Our love of food led us to discover Pane di Altamura, a traditional bread from the Puglia region. And our love of all things distilled led us to realize that an amazing loaf of bread is just an amazing bottle of vodka, gin, or whiskey waiting to happen. We believe that our Origin is in Puglia and we are there to live our dream. For more information visit

About the SIP Awards
Founded in 2008, the SIP Awards is the world’s only spirits tasting competition that uses real consumers as its judging panel. Brands can enter one or multiple spirits and review the raw feedback they receive from the judges and use it to improve their product. For brands that win a SIP Award, they can leverage their award in their branding and marketing. To learn more about the SIP Awards beverage competition, venue partnerships, or for a complete list of this year’s winners, visit

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