Junzi Launches New American-Chinese Concept NICE DAY

NEW YORK, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Junzi, the restaurant group behind the Chinese fast-casual mini-chain junzi kitchen is launching a new Chinese takeout restaurant NICE DAY (eatniceday.com) at 170 Bleecker St, New York City, bringing beloved American-Chinese food back from their modern kitchen and with an easy online ordering system. Nested within junzi kitchen’s Greenwich Village location, NICE DAY will serve as a pop-up and act as an updated model of traditional Chinese takeout restaurants, where the dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken and Mapo Tofu will pay homage to the classic American-Chinese flavors that have earned rave reviews for generations.

NICE DAY is about honoring the classics while building a restaurant for the future. American-Chinese restaurants are one of the most efficient restaurants in the world. They produce a huge number of dishes for a very affordable price without needing a corporate direction. Understanding how these old-school flavors can fit and operate in the modern restaurant was one of our main focuses when the food team created the menu,” says Chef Lucas.

Because the first-generation immigrants who opened the Chinese takeout restaurants are now retiring and their offspring are pursuing other professional careers, the number of Chinese restaurants in the US has been consistently falling in the past few years. Therefore, NICE DAY was born in hopes of revitalizing these closing businesses, helping their retirement transition and paying tribute to these forces of American-Chinese dining. “What they have left behind is Americas’ longing for the cuisine and an infrastructural network they’ve built across the country. Instead of looking for new locations, we want to utilize the existing spaces and equipment so that we can modernize the takeout experience faster to meet the customers’ needs and expectations,” says Yong Zhao, CEO and Co-Founder of junzi.

While the Greenwich Village location serves as a pop-up of the new model, their first permanent updated concept of Chinese takeout is scheduled to launch in the city by the end of 2020. NICE DAY Greenwich Village will be available for delivery and pickup on order.eatniceday.com 11:30am – 9pm Wednesday – Sunday starting August 19th, 2020. For more information, follow @eatniceday.


NICE DAY celebrates the most beloved Chinese takeout dishes, made to order with high quality ingredients and provided through an online menu that’s mobile-ready and easy to navigate. Featuring all-American favorites such as Kung Pao Chicken as well as new and inventive dishes such as Shake Shake Shrimp, NICE DAY is a concept that pays homage to the beloved cuisine through original flavors and an attempt to bring it to the future. First opened at the junzi kitchen Greenwich Village location as a pop-up in August 2020, NICE DAY plans to open more through updating existing traditional Chinese takeout restaurants.

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