Koibito Poke Signs 300 Store Sales Agreement

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Koibito Poke, the newest innovative fast casual food concept to hit the restaurant landscape, announces today that it has signed a franchise sales agreement with True Capital Partners LLC, which has committed to sell a minimum of 300 locations in eight states over the next five years. The healthy poke concept anticipates the first 120 stores will be in place in the next 24-30 months according to True Capital Partners’ development schedule.

The initial eight states to be included in this national expansion agreement for Koibito Poke will be North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Idaho, and Washington. This new initiative aligns Koibito Poke with one of the most successful franchise development groups in the nation who just finished a successful 160 store expansion of a fast casual dessert restaurant franchise and was looking for a collaboration to participate in the fast-growing poke dining space. True Capital Partners approached Koibito Poke because of its appeal to such a large customer audience.

Todd Stottlemyre, former MLB pitcher and three-time World Series Champion, two-time bestselling author and Co-Founder and CEO of Koibito Poke says, "Winning in any endeavor is difficult. Who you pick as your teammates will always determine your level of success. In this case, I truly believe this exciting new initiative will be an integral step in building our all-star team. After spending a year looking for the right development partner, we are very pleased to engage with a group with such a proven track record for success."

Adam Daniel, spokesperson for True Capital Partners states, "We have been searching for a restaurant concept which could be a real success story and we are convinced that Koibito Poke was the absolute best positioned brand to dominate the national space going forward. Our team had been searching for a dining concept that has dealt with the three huge barriers that are devasting the restaurant industry today: Labor shortages, food cost inflation and rent [cost of location]. Koibito provided the perfect solution to all those barriers of entry and so we immediately committed our resources into development and are looking forward to massive success with Todd and his team. We’re very confident that we will attract experienced and successful franchise developers from around the country to be part of this new and exciting expansion."

In addition to this new franchise sales agreement, Koibito Poke is concentrating on expanding the brand throughout Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. The company currently has four locations in Arizona.

For more information on Koibito Poke and its franchise offerings, visit www.koibitopoke.com.

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