OneDataSource and Property Works Create Strategic Partnership

Collaborating to Ensure Next Level Account Payable Solutions

ATLANTA, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Property Works, the industry leader in real estate and lease portfolio management, is partnering with OneDataSource, one of the nation’s best business process automation specialists, to further revolutionize the lease portfolio management workflow. onePAY, from OneDataSource, completes the Property Works service ecosystem by streamlining the AP workflow from invoice processing to payments which delivers operational efficiencies and the opportunity to strengthen your P&L. The partnership provides a full stack solution for business owners to better manage the accounts payable portion of their complex portfolios. 

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with OneDataSource. With their industry specific technology, onePAY is a perfect addition to our software solutions and services suite. Our systems are compatible with onePAY, so clients can benefit from an even more streamlined and automated Accounts Payable process. Because our products and services complement each other so well, I’m certain both our clients and theirs will benefit greatly from the collaboration."  – Kim Finnegan, CEO of Property Works.

Each company has independently offered industry leading flexible solutions that include expert relationship management tools and adaptable technology processes. In partnership, the companies will continue to accelerate operational efficiencies across all aspects of the property management business. With the addition of the onePAY platform, Property Works modernizes accounts payable, simplifying clients lease and non-lease related needs for ACH payments, checks and virtual cards.

"From the start we’ve had a great relationship with Property Works having long served the same spaces. We’re very aligned on how we can better serve those spaces. We’re excited to take this next, natural step," said OneDataSource Founder & President Bruce Belvin. "We appreciate the opportunity to expand the onePAY’s reach. It’s a wonderful solution for those who want flexibility, scalability and a modern way to, bottom line, improve their business without much hassle."

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About OneDataSource
Founded by former restaurant executive and franchise operator Bruce Belvin in 2002, OneDataSource specializes in business intelligence and process automation solutions to support the world’s best quick-service restaurant (QSR) brands. For more information, visit

About Property Works
Property Works is an industry leader in real estate and lease portfolio management, providing support to companies with multi-unit retail locations. Property Works provides solutions for lease administration and accounting, occupancy cost management, compliance, portfolio restructuring and account management. With dynamic, industry-leading software and exemplar customer service, our team provides expertise through evaluation, management and reporting, producing a monetary savings in occupancy costs and administrative expenses for clients. Visit for more information.

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