Purity Named “The World’s Best Super Premium Vodka” at the International Spirits Challenge 2022

LONDON, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Purity Distillery announced today that it has been named the best super premium vodka in the world at the International Spirits Challenge. Hailed as the Wimbledon equivalent in the spirits business, presented by the International Spirit challenge (ISC), the leading international awards organization honoring excellence in the spirit business, is one of the toughest competitions to win in the spirit business.

Other super premium vodkas participating in the International Sprits Challenge 2022 receiving gold medals were Belvedere Vodka Heritage 176, Blue Duck Rare Vodka, Cruz Vodka Vintage Black, Discarded Grape Skin Vodka, Onegin and Wild Rain Vodka.

"I am so grateful and proud to receive the Trophy for the best super premium Vodka in the World in such a tough competition", says Purity Vodka’s Master Blender, Mathias Tonnesson.  He continues "Every time you pour your perfect Martini in the future you have a choice, drink the second-best vodka or drink the best organic Vodka in the world, Purity Vodka. It’s up to you!" says Mathias with a big smile.

This is the third Trophy won by Master Blender Mathias Tonnesson at the International Sprits competition and the past successes has been:

Over the last years, Purity has dominated the worlds blind tasting competitions for super premium vodka, taking home a record number of highly sought-after awards, including being awarded 95 points for Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve, which is the highest awarded vodka in the US by Wine Enthusiast Magazine the last 5 years, an historic achievement.

"We discovered that we could create a spirit with an unparallel smoothness in our specially designed cooper still says Purity Vodka’s Master Blender, Mathias Tonnesson. "By utilizing the magic of the cooper, we create a spirit that is very pure, flavorful and ultra-smooth. It is a vodka worthy a spirit connoisseur"

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About Purity Distillery – the home to the world ́s best tasting Vodka & Gin

We distill our spirit very, very slowly, many times, in a specially designed copper still. It can be compared to when you slowly cook your food at a low temperature. It brings the most taste, character, and depth to the spirit and it’s a process that other brands don’t bother with. For Purity, every step matter because the taste matters. Our goal is to make the best tasting spirit in the world and make products we are proud to sell and to serve to our family and friends.

Our main ingredients, Swedish wheat, and malted barley are carefully selected without any chemical cultivation or processing. We believe that by using organic ingredients it creates a much better-tasting spirit, and of course, is better for you and mother nature.

About International Sprits Challenge (ISC)

The ISC Tasting Awards winners are established through a rigorous judging process – a highly controlled operation held over twenty-three days of intense blind tastings by panels of more than 75 respected and experienced industry professionals. Each product is blind tasted and awarded a score for its aroma, appearance, taste and finish. Scores are collated and recorded by the category chairman before Trophy, Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded.

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Mathias Tonnesson, Master Blender Purity Distillery

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