Resources for Retailers Shares StrasGlobal’s Vaccination Plan

TEMPLE, Texas, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Resources for Retailers, a dynamic and multi-faceted new resource and information hub for small chains and independent retailers, delivers a detailed employee Vaccination Plan by StrasGlobal, the leading provider of contract services and site operations around the country.

In March 2020, when it became clear there was no response plan to deal with the depth of the COVID-19 crisis, StrasGlobal developed and shared their own, and it became one of the most comprehensive COVID-19 response plans available from a retailer perspective. Now, StrasGlobal has developed a comprehensive Vaccination Plan which Resources for Retailers is providing as a Guide for All Retailers.

Communicating how to get vaccinated and helping employees through the process should be of the highest priority for all businesses,” said Eva Strasburger, President of StrasGlobal. Our Vaccination Taskforce originally developed the plan for implementation in our stores coast-to-coast. We then decided to share it through Resources for Retailers. Now, all retailers that don’t have the time or resources to do the research themselves, can build their own plan based on ours.”

The Vaccination Plan includes:

  • Paid Time Off guidelines
  • Financial Incentives
  • Strongly Encourage instead of Mandate rationale
  • Pre/Post Employee Surveys
  • In-Store signage and promotions encouraging customers to get vaccinated

StrasGlobal’s Vaccination Task Force worked intensely to research the best practices to roll out this COVID-19 Vaccination Plan,” said Jessica Williams, RfR Director of Content. “StrasGlobal understood the urgency of moving quickly to have a Vaccination Policy for all their employees, and this robust plan can be a template for other retailers. The StrasGlobal Vaccination Plan and step-by-step process outlined are exactly the types of immediately actionable tools Resources for Retailers wants to provide.”

According to Steve Kimmes, President of Kimmes Enterprises, “I agree that we should educate and communicate with our employees to make it as easy as possible for them to be vaccinated. StrasGlobal’s Vaccination Plan is a great tool for a small chain like ours, and it provides a lot of flexibility for each individual employer to use all, or parts, of the information the way they see fit for their company. StrasGlobal’s Pandemic Response Plan was a lifeline for us a year ago, and we are grateful now to have access to this vaccination plan.”

We are all part of the larger community and we have to look out for each other,” states Roy Strasburger, CEO of StrasGlobal. Conversations with our peers indicate that, even though this is a top priority, there has not been a comprehensive Vaccination Plan for most retail owners or HR teams to follow – until now. We welcome feedback, and will revise our plan as new information becomes available.”

About StrasGlobal
StrasGlobal is a leading provider of contract services and site operations around the country. Drawing on their 60-year heritage as innovators in convenience and small-format site management around the world, StrasGlobal offers their services to companies who don’t have the expertise, infrastructure or desire to operate them. StrasGlobal’s turn-key retail operations and management services include administration and financial reporting, store operations from staffing to marketing and merchandising to foodservice, and vendor negotiations and fuel management. StrasGlobal is also the parent company of Compliance Safe, a cloud-based service that simplifies and upgrades the document management and renewal process for any business-critical documents.

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About Resources for Retailers
Resources for Retailers, a StrasGlobal initiative, is a knowledge center and a community for those retailers who are always competing for resources generally more available to large operators.
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Jessica Williams
Director of Content, Resources for Retailers

Eva Strasburger
President, StrasGlobal

Myra Kressner
President, Kressner Strategy Group

SOURCE StrasGlobal Resources for Retailers

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