Upscale Restaurant, Wuish, Brings True Asian Fusion to New York City

NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the November grand opening being a tremendous success, there is no doubt that Wuish Kitchen & Bar will only grow in popularity through December on into 2022. The combined elegant and casual atmosphere will be one both tourists and native New Yorkers will want to experience first-hand. However, it isn’t the modern, chic environment visitors will be speaking about for the days after – it is the impressive variety of cultural flavors and tastes.

On top of having delectable, memorable dishes, the restaurant’s name is also a good point of discussion. The name "Wuish" comes from the Canton pronunciation of Wui, which means "gather together" in Chinese. There is no doubt this space will become a go-to eatery and bar in New York City where family and friends can "gather together" for years to come.

The Early Bird of Wall Street
Wuish wanted to stand out on Wall Street. Therefore, it is one of the first restaurants to open—six o’clock every morning. Physically connected to the Four Point Hotel, Wuish has an open dining area available and a comfortable lounge. The restaurant also offers American-style breakfasts for those who would prefer to slowly explore Asian Fusion dining.

Discovering "Dim Sum" Lunch
Once the cultural flavors of a "Dim Sum" lunch are experienced, it will become a Regular topic of discussion. Wuish offers a huge variety of Dim Sum lunch dishes that can also be served as a brunch meal.

For those just beginning to dip their toes into the Dim Sum experience, Dim Sum is a meal of many small platters. Along with different kinds of dumplings, spring rolls, buns, congees and snacks are available as well as Asian tea.

Entree from the "Imperial Era"
Wuish has received incredible praise for their dinner specials – especially the Peking duck. This meal is an authentic Chinese meal inspired by the Imperial Era. The dish has grown in popularity over the years and symbolizes Chinese cuisine recognized all over the world. The Peking duck is one to try when visiting Wuish for dinner, but realistically – every dish available will make you feel as if you’ve entered an authentic eatery in China.

Full Bar & Private Party Room
The elegant restaurant Wuish has a fully stocked bar, which is perfect for cocktails with loved ones as well as impressive list of craft beer. On top of having a large selection of liquor, wine, and beer, Wuish offers private parties of up to eighty people, good for events and wedding parties., hours: 6am-10pm Daily
6 Platt Street, New York, NY 10038, Reservation: 212-273-9296.

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