Verde Energy Efficiency Experts Launches Savings Acceleratortm Program to Help Businesses and Local Government Buildings Reduce Costs and Save Money

CHICAGO, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Verde Energy Efficiency Experts ( announces the formal launch of its Savings Accelerator Program. If the adage “A dollar saved is a dollar earned” still holds true, then Verde Energy Efficiency Experts is helping its commercial and municipal customers earn a lot more money – even as business is less predictable than ever.

Verde is a Chicago-based energy-efficiency company that finds and implements the most efficient and effective ways for organizations to save on energy costs. It helps commercial and municipal customers substantially reduce operating expenses by cutting their monthly energy expenses, sometimes by as much as 40%.

Verde identifies and swaps out inefficient lighting, refrigeration, HVAC systems, and more with efficient models, while also taking full advantage of utility rebates, discounts and programs. While saving costs is the major, tangible benefit that companies can expect when partnering with Verde, Verde’s clients also receive acclaim and recognition by making their operations cleaner and greener – a benefit that is increasingly valued by conscientious consumers and employees alike.

“Opportunities to reduce commercial energy consumption – and save money – are everywhere. But you have to know where to look. And then take action. That’s where we come in,” says Jamie Johnson, CEO and Founder of Verde.

For over a decade, Verde has been helping its customers identify and implement energy efficiency programs that make a big impact on the bottom lines and the environment. “And now, customers need us more than ever,” adds Johnson. “For many businesses, revenue has declined and won’t return to what it was until COVID is put to bed. Businesses and municipalities feel hopeless; revenue and sales are more difficult to control than ever before. But one thing they can control is their energy efficiency.”

Verde’s new Savings Accelerator Program, which is available to all kinds of Chicagoland businesses and municipalities, greatly reduces Verde’s Team’s fees. In light of the changes brought about by COVID and the nation’s uncertain economic future, Verde is providing a tremendous amount of value at no cost. Its initial Customer Virtual Consultation is now free; its In-person Consultation is now free; and its Custom Plan Development is now free for qualifying companies. Verde also provides free analysis and consultation over outside air flow control, a key building component for both energy efficiency and Covid 19 safety.

Chicagoland businesses that are interested in taking advantage of Verde’s limited-time Savings Accelerator Program should call (773) 413-9587 or email

About Verde
Verde Energy Efficiency Experts ( is a team of energy experts who are obsessed with reducing energy consumption. For more than 10 years, Verde has been helping Chicagoland businesses get on the path to energy efficiency. The savings that come from working with Verde really adds up – and that matters more now than ever. Because after all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Some of Verde’s customers include: McDonald’s, Half Acre Brewery, hundreds of local fire stations and libraries, Kronos Gyros, and Happy Foods Grocery Store.

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