Fast Growing Masq Hard Tea Expands to Texas with L&F Distributors, Favorite Brands

WINCHESTER, Va., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Masq Hard Tea, a leader in the wellness alcohol category, announced a partnership with L&F Distributors and Favorite Brands for its distribution rights in Texas. Masq is a health forward all-natural hard tea made with premium organic ingredients and is geared toward active lifestyle consumers.

Masq launched in 2021 and has quickly expanded distribution to 14 states with Texas slated to open in Late July – Early August. Masq has found early success as consumers continue to look at more health-conscious options in their alcohol beverages.

L&F Distributors / Favorite Brands will distribute Masq Hard Tea for the entire state of TX. "We couldn’t be more excited to partner with L&F and Favorite in Texas. The La Mantia family has an incredible reputation in the beverage industry. Their organization is top of the line," says Masq Co-Founder Brad Parkes. "We see a huge opportunity in Texas – it’s a huge tea state and a big beer state. As a lifestyle brand, Masq fits perfectly with the climate, outdoor activities, and year-round sporting events," says Masq Co-Founder BeBe Parkes.

 "We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Masq Hard Tea in the state of Texas. They make an exceptional product, that aligns with the core values of today’s consumer. Drinkers today overwhelmingly support "better for you" products. As a beverage distributor you want to provide the best products available to help retailers, and on-premise partners succeed with the everyday consumer. Masq Hard Tea fits that description…to a tea," replied President of Favorite Brands, Greg LaMantia.

Masq is made with functional ingredients (Organic Yerba Mate, Blue Agave Syrup, Chamomile and Passion Flower) and built for the health forward consumer. Masq is 4% ABV, 90 calories, vegan, gluten free, lightly carbonated and comes in Blueberry Lavender, Lemon Ginger, Dragon Fruit Acai and Grapefruit Rosemary. "Masq is the perfect mix of refreshment and full flavor. Most seltzers just don’t have enough flavor. The ingredients are what really sets Masq apart from anything else on the shelf – we haven’t found any alcohol with as many real ingredients that is so drinkable," says BeBe. 

Masq is currently available in over 1800 stores and restaurants in 14 states. "We’ve tried to create a subsegment in alcohol – health forward or wellness alcohol – and it is really resonating with consumers, who are trying to be healthier in every other aspect of their lives, why not a better alcohol choice?"  BeBe added, "Our goal is to continue to develop consumer awareness – Masq is so different than anything on the shelves. We’ve continued to show that when people sample the product they rebuy, it’s creating the continual awareness that is so important."

"When Masq was created, we wanted a better way to drink. There are so many ‘less bad’ items on the shelf – 0 carbs, no sugar, etc. but most of it is flavored water, alcohol and artificial sweeteners. We wanted something that actually uses real, beneficial ingredients," says Brad.

Masq Hard Tea is available in single flavor 4 packs in retail stores, bars and restaurants.  

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