IMOS Pizza Chooses MapBusinessOnline for Restaurant Expansion Market Analysis

CORNISH, Maine, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s leading business mapping software, today announces that Imos Pizza of St. Louis, MO, has chosen Map Business Online Pro, to help direct their multi-state pizza franchise business’s multi-year expansion plan. A published case study on the subject is available at

Families Love Imos Pizza

Imos Pizza chain’s first restaurant opened in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1964. Imos developed a unique St. Louis Style pizza and paired it with home delivery to become one of the USA’s most successful pizza chains. Today, Imos is expanding its chain of stores beyond its current sphere of operation, the five-state area surrounding St. Louis.

Imos Director of Franchise Intelligence, Tim Hendrix, has an experienced-based understanding of which demographic segments most directly influence Imos restaurant sales. “Our pizzas appeal to all income levels and ethnicities. If anything, our primary market is the American family.” But Imos wanted a more scientific market assessment based on demographic, competitive, and economic realities, one that would complement their team’s instincts and experience in pointing the way forward. For that they turned to

MapBusinessOnline Map-based Market Analysis

MapBusinessOnline Pro provides a variety of geospatial tools that support business expansion planning for all industries. The online business mapping software combines the power of driving time and driving distance analysis with location-based business data to expose the most lucrative ZIP codes, cities, and towns for growth. US Census Bureau demographic data, business listings by industry, and imported user business data, are organized over compelling map backgrounds to create market analysis maps that promote better decision making. 

MapBusinessOnline Pro easily ingests customer business location data generating spatial queries that will reveal the most lucrative new markets for any growing business.

Applying MapBusinessOnline to their business challenges, Imos Pizza was able to:

  • Import historical restaurant sales and franchise location-data, critical to defining successful markets, to determine the best new areas of opportunity based on existing and successful franchise locations
  • Apply known customer-preferred driving time and distance spatial queries across multiple point-of-sale locations to reveal optimum new market zones as well as existing service areas already saturated with restaurants
  • Conduct demographic analysis by territory or area-of-interest to define optimum growth opportunities based on population segments, household income levels, or related consumer expenditures
  • Import and view business listings by industry to quickly display competitor points-of-sale locations within any market area-of-interest

MapBusinessOnline provided Imos Pizza with new market recommendations by major urban areas. The marketing analysis software first established existing sales models around highly ranked Imos restaurant locations. Based on these existing market profiles, new urban areas of interest were defined by drive-time-based territories. In this way, the most successful pizza franchise locations could be used to expose the best areas for growth, after just a few mouse clicks.

All new market area models reflect the key demographic categories known to drive Imos pizza sales. Some of these demographic categories were subtle but effective measures of growth potential. For example, certain household segments proved to be the most effective in projecting growth opportunities.

Imos MapBusinessOnline market analysis results combined the power of geospatial analysis with decades of pizza business expertise to create a multi-year path forward which can now be implemented in manageable steps.

About Imos Pizza

Imo’s Pizza is an American chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Imos supports more than one hundred pizza restaurants and stores across Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

The chain was founded by Ed and Margie Imo in St. Louis in 1964. As of November 2015, Imo’s was ranked the 32nd-largest pizza chain in the United States.

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